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Algae Europe Conference 2015

The Algae Europe Conference 2015 will take place 1-3 December in Lisbon, Portugal.

1 December 2015 - 3 December 2015
Lisbon, Portugal

Currently, there are in Europe several projects, from lab scale to demonstration plants and commercial facilities, aiming to accelerate the commercialization of algal products. ALGAE EUROPE 2015 is an opportunity for all stakeholders to be updated on the recent industrial developments in the field with an overview of European initiatives.

Algae contain proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and other elements that can be used as ingredients for a large range of sectors from food & feed to nutraceutical & cosmeceuticals to biofuels. Keynote presentations and panel discussion will provide a high quality forum for discussion and information exchange. Amongst the projects that will be present at the conference are the following.

- SUNBIOPATH is an integrated program of research aimed at improving biomass yields and valorisation of biomass. It focuses on better sunlight to biomass conversion efficiency in microalgae.

- FUEL4ME is driven by the need to transform our energy model into a sustainable one. The project aims at developing and demonstrating an integrated and sustainable process for continuous biofuel production from microalgae.

- SPLASH (Sustainable PoLymers from Algae Sugars and Hydrocarbons) has as its main aim the sustainable production of polymers from algae sugars and hydrocarbons. This is to replace polymers from petroleum distillates, which have finite reserves and to avoid competition for land based alternatives as land is a limited resource.

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