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Preliminary announcement: Microbiome-based Foods for Health and Sustainability

On 23rd February 2016, the APC Microbiome Institute, University College Cork, Ireland will host a workshop entitled ‘Microbiome-based Foods for Health and Sustainability’ at the Thon Hotel EU in Brussels.

23 February 2016 - 23 February 2016

We propose that the next generation of functional food and feed will be directed towards the microbiome, to improve health, drive food production and support a more sustainable agriculture. We will examine the effects of dietary and lifestyle choices on food demands and the challenges faced by production systems (from farm to fork) in relation to food nutritional security and sustainability.

The role of the microbiome, and its associated transformative technologies (e.g. metagenomics, data analytics) in each stage of food value chain will be highlighted, as well as their potential to boost innovation while delivering societal and economic impact for Europe.

The programme will consist of contributions (presentations/discussions) from European and international experts and stakeholders including: the research community, European Commission officials, MEPs, policy-makers and industry highlighting the importance of microbiome ecosystems in relation to human health and disease and with a specific focus on the following key areas:
- Meeting Food Demands in a Changing World: ageing population, health, consumer demands
- Value Chain from Farm to Fork: quality, safety and sustainability
- Future food design: towards personalised nutrition

Detailed agenda will be uploaded shortly on