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Germany – World Champion of Energy Efficiency?

The EU-funded ODYSSEE-MURE project, in cooperation with DENEFF and eceee, will be organising a workshop in Berlin, Germany, on 11 June, 2018.

11 June 2018 - 11 June 2018
Berlin, Germany

The new German coalition government has announced “We will make Germany the most energy efficient economy of the world”. But which country is in pole position currently – who is lagging behind – and why? What are drivers or barriers to success? What can be learnt from each other to achieve higher improvements rates and thus achieve the national and international energy and climate targets?

The EU project ODYSSEE-MURE has developed a toolkit allowing to rank energy efficiency improvements in the EU Member States and also provides in-depth data on key indicators and national policies. The aim of the workshop is to discuss with national policy experts and participants from the ODYSSEE-MURE team methodologies and ways forward regarding policy approaches such as:
• the German National Action Plan of Energy Efficiency (NAPE)
• Danish experiences with Energy Efficiency Obligations
• Carbon taxes or Energy Efficiency Obligations?
• Irish tax incentives for the industry sector (accelerated capital allowances)

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