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“Hands-on” OLED Lighting Workshop & International OLED B2B Forum at the GLOW Lighting Festival

A one day event organised by PI-SCALE project to explore the business and product design possibilities created by flexible OLED lighting, which consists of a “Hands-on” OLED Lighting Workshop where attendees can explore their ideas for integration of flexible OLEDs into their products and new designs together with OLED experts, followed by an International OLED B2B Forum where the latest products and future visions of the OLED industry and designers will be presented and discussed.

15 November 2016 - 15 November 2016

The “Hands-on” OLED Lighting Workshop, is co-organised by PI-SCALE and OLEDWorks GmbH, is intended for designers and product developers from many different application areas including architecture, automotive, aerospace, fashion and consumer electronics.

The workshop will offer a deep level of understanding of the possibilities and technical challenges of integrating OLEDs into existing and future products, and explain how the PI-SCALE pilot line and OLEDWorks GmbH can help with this. Small group brainstorm sessions and discussions with OLED experts from industry and R&D will offer the attendees the opportunity to work through design concepts and have their questions about the technology answered.

Space for this workshop is limited to 40 places so please register your interest via the link below as soon as possible.

The International OLED B2B Forum will provide an excellent opportunity to hear the status and potential of OLED technology, as well as networking opportunities for companies who wish to introduce flexible OLEDs into their products and want to discuss commercial business opportunities. The event will include presentations and over 150 delegates from key players in the OLED industry such as OLEDWorks GmbH.

Further information, including agenda, can be found at the

This event is organised in Eindhoven, the Netherlands on 15th November as part of the World famous GLOW lighting festival.


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