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Project Management and Finance – Towards Horizon Europe passing through H2020

This course will introduce the first crucial steps for getting your project started on the right foot through practical tips and workshops

Climate Change and Environment
Fundamental Research
12 March 2020 - 13 March 2020
Vienna, Austria

Why this course?

1. You will learn how to successfully deal with project management, legal and financial duties within your H2020 project

Experience Europa Media's unique "learning-by-doing" approach. Lectures and presentations with practical tips and stories are complemented by hands-on workshops and exercises throughout the two days. We know much more about Horizon Europe now, we will give you hands-on knowledge on the new programme too.

2. Our Trainers are actual H2020 Project Managers and Coordinators
This 2-day training course is built 100% on H2020 project experience and real-life examples. Our trainers and workshop leaders are flesh-and-bone project managers and coordinators, whose day-to-day work is to make sure that their multiple projects are implemented according to EC Grant Agreement, problems are promptly tackled, and project partners adequately assisted in legal, technical and financial management issues.
Over the years we have helped almost 1,000 project managers and coordinators in understanding the legal, technical and financial rules of the Research Framework Programme and managing European projects.

What will you learn?

* How to Coordinate and Manage your R&I Project? Now or in Horizon Europe
-Lessons learnt, tips and tools to be a successful project manager in Horizon 2020
-Obligations and duties - all legal, administrative and technical bottlenecks you should not forget about
-Dealing with partners - soft and transversal skillset to effectively manage your Consortium
-Horizon Europe - the implications of current changes on the role of project manager and coordinators

* Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement
-Legal Agreements - which types, when to use them and for which purpose
-Grant Agreement - road to success and things that could go wrong, models and amendments
-Consortium Agreement - what and how to include, models and amendments.

* Get your project done properly
-Getting started - kick-off meeting, project management tools, budget spending and monitoring
-Knowledge and Data management, IPR, Open access issues - how to comply with rules, protect your background and benefit from the foreground
-Exploitation and Dissemination - how to maximize your impact
-Multi-actor engagement - how to produce meaningful solutions through co-creation

* Technical Management, Reviews and Reporting
-Technical reporting – how to fill in the online forms and compile the Part B of your report
-Technical reviews – Get prepared for the best- and worst-case scenarios

Workshop: Project Management Role-Play:

Each participant will represent a beneficiary in a project which is facing various challenges. Your trainer will represent the European Commission, whose goal is to make sure that the project is implemented according to the GA. You will tackle – as a consortium or individually – challenges that frequently arise in an H2020 project: budget transfers, inadequate budget, poorly performing partner, conflicts on IPR, GA amendments, technical reviews, etc. All case studies are based on real issues which we went through in our past and ongoing H2020 projects as coordinator or partner. Learn by doing and learn from others!

H2020 Financial Rules in theory and in practice and Workshop: Budget monitoring and financial reporting:

You will go through specific exercises to simulate budget planning, budget monitoring and financial reporting in an H2020 project. You will tackle budget transfers and reallocations, controlling overspending, managing underspending and conducting reporting. You will prepare a financial statement for a virtual H2020 project based on specific project documentation with salary slips, invoices, receipts, timesheets and other proof of costs.
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