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interACT Final Event

The EU-funded interACT project will be organising a final event in Fürstenfeldbruck (Munich), Germany, on 1 April 2020.

1 April 2020 - 1 April 2020
Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany

interACT has over three years of research and development brought forward solutions for optimised interactions between an automated vehicle and its driver as well as other traffic participants. The purpose of this final project event is to unveil interACT’s findings for the safe integration of automated vehicles into mixed traffic environments.

Project outcomes and achievements will be presented in a multidisciplinary programme that includes a workshop with presentations, an exhibition with posters and PC demos in Fürstenfeldbrück. A live demonstration of interACT’s two demo vehicles will also take place at the BMW Driving Academy Maisach test tracks.

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