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Harnessing universities for innovation

Are you keen to capitalise on the new ideas, technology and talent coming out of universities? But do you find academics difficult to engage with? How do you reconcile the university's public interest mandate with your company's commercial needs? And how can you formalise your relationship in a contract that works for both parties?

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19 November 2020 - 19 November 2020
Hamburg, Germany
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This workshop focuses on the core skill of achieving effective transfer of knowledge and expertise between people operating in contrasting organisational cultures and formulating ways of doing it. It also examines the processes and management issues encountered in working with universities with the aim of enabling strong and lasting partnerships that allow innovation to flourish.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to reflect on the role of universities and what it takes to establish mutually beneficial sustainable relationships. We will look at the process of transferring knowledge from research to innovation both from the perspective of working relationships and formalised contracts. The topic of how best to work in multi-stakeholder consortia and how to win funding will also be covered.

The workshop is intended for those working in the R&D or new product development functions, those responsible for contracts with academic partners and others interested in harnessing the potential of academic-business collaboration. It is relevant to anyone managing science and technology-based innovation that could involve working with university partners.

The language of presentations will be German.

Please visit for further details or contact Mrs. Silke Ludewigs at

Note to the editor:
TUTECH INNOVATION GMBH which is organising the workshop was founded in 1992 as the technology transfer institute for the Hamburg University of Technology. We are offering services regarding participation in EU-funded programmes especially for publicly funded universities and SMEs.


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