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Building a Consortium for H2020 proposals: how to get the best team onboard

This webinar will provide practical tips and guidelines on how to find partners and build a strong consortium for Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe proposals.

Climate Change and Environment
Fundamental Research
18 May 2020 - 18 May 2020
Budapest, Hungary

The dilemma is: to rely on your existing contacts and networks, or to seek a brand-new partner?

And how should we demonstrate in our H2020 proposal the appropriateness of our partnership to convince evaluators about our ability to carry out the project successfully?

The key ingredients for success are balance, expertise, reliability, and complementarity.

In this webinar, we will simulate a real case scenario of an organization building its partnership and guide you step-by-step through the whole process.

Topics covered:

Build a sound consortium for your next H2020 project
Incorporate geographical, expertise and gender considerations in your partnership
How to find partners: Partner search facilities, events, networks and other platforms
Additional tips: pre-proposal and proposal-stage agreements and tools for consortia
At the end of the webinar, you will have a sound understanding of the key aspects that need considering for establishing the best team for your Horizon 2020 proposal.

Who we are:

Europa Media is Europe’s leading provider of practice-driven training courses on developing and managing projects under the EU’s research and innovation programmes since FP5. Over the past 20 years, our team has been directly involved in writing successful proposals and coordinating and managing projects. Under Horizon 2020, we have been involved in over 20 projects as coordinators and partners. Our training courses are designed based on this direct experience we have from our own proposals and projects. They are therefore quite hands-on with real-life examples and stories. This practical approach has attracted over 10,000 participants to our training courses from all over the world in the past 15 years.

The speaker:

Jelena is a Project Manager at Europa Media with experience in call analysis and proposal writing with a focus on developing Dissemination and Communication plans and activities for Horizon 2020 projects. She is responsible for proposal development, project management, dissemination and IT task supervision under Horizon 2020 programmes. Currently, Jelena is leading dissemination activities for the SPEAR project, which aims to support the implementation of gender equality plans in academia.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Development and International Cooperation from the University of Bologna and an MSc in International Politics from Leiden University. Her specific areas of interest include Western Balkan’s regional politics, post-conflict transition, intra-state relations and gender equality. She completed an internship at the Central European Initiative in Trieste, where she worked on several Interreg Europe projects. Previously, Jelena was involved in projects and activities related to startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation, specifically the Horizon 2020 project MY-GATEWAY which aimed at boosting entrepreneurship in Central and Eastern Europe.

She is passionate about EU affairs and an active advocate of EU enlargement, with a strong belief that the soundest way to foster EU integration, strengthen existing contacts, and stimulate a smart growth is through collaborative projects tackling societal challenges – such as Horizon 2020.

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