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Step 0: Finding and analysing potential H2020 calls

This webinar will provide you a step-by-step analysis of a specific Horizon 2020 call, as well as useful tips on how to address the topic requirements successfully to maximise your chances of getting funding.

Climate Change and Environment
Food and Natural Resources
Fundamental Research
12 June 2020 - 12 June 2020
Budapest, Hungary

Horizon 2020 is coming to an end, but there is still the very last round of calls to benefit from!

Every good proposal starts with a thorough call analysis. Half the job is done if you have a sound understanding of the specific challenge your project should tackle, the scope it should have and the impact it should achieve. Equally important are those between the lines and outside of the work programme topic text.

Regardless of your specific area of interest and work, this exercise will be beneficial for all H2020 applicants: the foremost objective is to explain the logic behind call analysis and its methodology which can be applied to any other call topic under Horizon 2020.

Topics covered:

• Differences between single-stage and two-stage submissions
• How to calculate your chances of getting funding
• How to find the right partner
• Building on past projects

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