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Building a winning consortium for your proposal

This webinar will provide tips on how and where to find the right partners for a strong Consortium for your Horizon 2020 proposal, while considering the changes to come in Horizon Europe.

30 June 2020 - 30 June 2020

Budapest, Hungary

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You picked your favorite topic and you have a groundbreaking project idea, now what are the next steps? You need the right people to collaborate with, so you might ask yourself…

What kind of partners would be best and how would you even identify the type of expertise needed? To rely or not to rely on your current network? What kind of players should you keep an eye on at the dawn of Horizon Europe?

Where can you find these partners? With plenty of possibilities, networking events organized by the European Commission, for instance, can be very helpful, especially now at a turning point, before the launch of Horizon Europe.

Topics covered:

-Build the most suitable Consortium for your next EU project.
-What are the key aspects to consider while building up your partnership?
-Your tools to find the right partners: searching facilities, networks, events and more.
-Maintaining partnerships and connections in the long run.
-Tips on networking events and virtual networking to be prepared in these times.
-Understand the winning consortium characteristics in Horizon Europe.

At the end of the webinar, you will have a sound understanding of key points to consider in finding the best team for your Horizon 2020 and the soon-to-come Horizon Europe proposal.

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