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Face-to-face seminar on developing successful grant applications in Horizon Europe (HEU-Open) before anyone else

A crash course on how to create winning Horizon Europe grant applications before anyone else. (There is a way).

Digital Economy
Climate Change and Environment
29 October 2020 - 30 October 2020
Santorini, Greece

Learning Objectives
√ To think and act like a leader in Horizon Europe
√ To recognize which proposals will fail and which ones will succeed in Horizon Europe
√ To identify the most promising Horizon Europe call topic according to your resources, experience and determination
√ To understand the full proposal development cycle
√ To develop great ideas for your Horizon Europe proposal
√ To connect with key actors in Horizon Europe
√ To receive easily and quickly critical feedback on your Horizon Europe proposal
√ To attract competent partners for your Horizon Europe project
√ How to identify highly competent Horizon Europe proposal initiatives and get involved as partner
√ To impress the evaluators with your grant application form
√ Realise why you should be more optimistic in Horizon Europe than in Horizon 2020
√ Understand why it is important to start preparing now for Horizon Europe
√ Prepare a strategy with detailed actions for your organisation, group or clients for exploiting successfully Horizon Europe and
√ Prepare for the key success criteria in Horizon Europe