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Erasmus 2021-2027: An introduction

45+15 min long live online event

Digital Economy
Fundamental Research
12 April 2021 - 12 April 2021
Online, Hungary

The first thing to come to mind when mentioning Erasmus+ are student exchanges. While that is a huge part of the programme, what are the other options behind one of the most successful programmes of the European Union?

This webinar will introduce the possibilities and break down the complex system of Erasmus+ funding, so that your organization can see all the opportunities within it.

How does the profile of the organization determine options within the programme? And how does the topic of the proposal do that?

The logic of the programme is quite different from Horizon and this webinar aims to give you an overview of the new Erasmus that starts from 2021.

Topics presented:

-Erasmus+: a brief history
-What your organisation needs to apply
-What opportunities Erasmus+ offers
-Where and how to apply

Registration is free, but the number of participants is limited.


Erasmus, webinar, student, student exchange, Erasmus+