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Content archived on 2022-07-06

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Horizon Europe Financial Rules (3rd part of the European Funding Academy)

Two-day live webinar on 22-23 March 2021

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22 March 2021 - 23 March 2021
Online, Hungary
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Discover all financial rules through practical examples and participate in a workshop where you can try out exercises.

Topics to discuss on Day 1: Financial rules of H2020 and HE – Personnel cost calculation (live presentation)

-How to turn the salary costs into an eligible hourly rate?
-Which one should you choose?
-Additional remuneration or bonuses?
-Employees or consultants?
-What’s the difference between financial year-, and monthly-based calculation?
-How will this affect the daily rate calculation in HE?
-Which one should you choose? Additional remuneration or bonuses? Employees or consultants?
-Project-based remuneration schemes in HE?

Financial rules of H2020 and HE – Third parties, subcontractors, other direct costs (live presentation)

-Third party articles – why, there are more than one?
-Resource needed or service outsourced?
-Subcontractors or Linked third parties?
-Which one should be foreseen? Which one would your office prefer?
-Travel costs – for employees and for other – is there a difference?
-Equipment and other assets – how to calculate your facility costs efficiently?
-Other goods and services – what’s in here?
-How about internal cost transfers and charges? Are they eligible?
-How will internal invoicing be accepted in HE?
-Funding rates, receipts, CFS rules and payments – learn them all!
-Guarantee Fund in H2020 and Mutual Insurance Mechanism in HE.

Individually online:

Virtual exercise on cost reporting to Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe projects, and experience the importance of the grey zones. The full documentation of a virtual project, including timesheets, payrolls, invoices and bills, travel notes and asset expenses will be available online – you will explore the rules while doing the reporting.

Day 2: Solution to the exercise

o Personnel costs calculation for employees and consultants

o Subcontracting or other service – how to trick with them?

o Travel costs calculations, equipment and other costs – are they always direct costs?

The course is the 3rd part of the Online European Funding Academy.

Duration of the course: 9:00-16:00 CET on the 1st day and 9:00-12:30 on the 2nd day.
More information and registration:


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