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Shaping light for health and wellbeing in cities

An event entitled ‘International Conference Shaping light for health and wellbeing in cities’ will take place from 16th to 17th December, online.

16 December 2021 - 17 December 2021
Online, Italy

This conference will focus on the different consequences that light has on life in cities. Participants’ contributions will support the gathering of evidence on how indoor and outdoor lighting impact health and well-being. This is in keeping with the overarching goal of the ENLIGHTENme project: to learn more about the impact of outdoor and indoor lighting on human health, especially for elderly people.

Findings will be analysed in the context of their particular domains – from medicine and social sciences to urban planning and ethics – and considered in the development of tools and policy guidance to ensure health and well-being domains are integrated in urban lighting plans. The conference’s closing session will present the main outcomes of the parallel sessions, offering a wide-reaching and transdisciplinary perspective of the findings and the challenges to tackle.

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