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New Tools and Approaches for Nanomaterials Safety Assessment.

Jointly organized by five major FP7 projects NANOSOLUTIONS, GUIDEnano, SUN, NanoMILE and eNanoMapper, the conference aims at presenting the main results achieved in the course of the projects fostering a discussion about their impact in the nanosafety field and possibilities for future research programmes. Register on

7 February 2017 - 9 February 2017

The conference welcomes consortium partners from the organizing projects, as well as representatives from other EU projects, industry and government, civil society and media.

Conference highlights:
10 Scientific Sessions
5 Keynote presentations
Stakeholders workshop
Over 300 attendees

Conference topics:
Hazard assessment along the life cycle of nano-enabled products
Exposure assessment along the life cycle of nano-enabled products
Risk assessment & management
Systems biology approaches in nanosafety
Categorization & grouping of nanomaterials
Nanosafety infrastructure
Safe by design

The conference will be wrapped up with a stakeholder workshop which will provide a platform for an open discussion with interested stakeholders that could ultimately guide the research needs that should be addressed in future projects.