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Specific Programme "Cooperation": Environment (including Climate Change)


ENVIRONMENT (including Climate Change)

The challenges posed by the increasing natural and man-made pressures on the environment and its resources require a coordinated approach at pan-European and international levels.

What's the benefit for citizens:

We need to better understand and cope with issues such as climate change and identify environmentally friendly technologies in order to improve our management of both natural and man-made resources. The activities will address policy needs such as the sustainability impact assessments of EU policies and the follow up to the Kyoto and post-Kyoto actions on climate change.

What's the benefit for researchers:

Sustainable management of the environment and its resources requires multidisciplinary and integrated research in order to advance our knowledge on the interactions between the climate, biosphere, ecosystems and human activities. This will help us to develop new environmental technologies, tools and services. The "Environment" programme will be implemented under the following activities and areas:
Climate change, pollution and risks
• Pressures on environment and climate
• Environment and health
• Natural hazards
Sustainable Management of Resources
• Conservation and sustainable management of natural and man-made resources and biodiversity
• Management of marine environment
Environmental Technologies
• Environmental technologies for observation, simulation, prevention, mitigation, adaptation, remediation and restoration of the natural and man-made environment
• Protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage
• Technology assessment, verification and testing
Earth observation and assessment tools
• Earth and ocean observation systems, monitoring methods for the environment and sustainable development
• Forecasting methods and assessment tools for sustainable development

What's the benefit for industry and SMEs:

Strengthening the EU position in world markets for environmental technologies will contribute to sustainable consumption, production, delivering sustainable growth through business opportunities and improved competitiveness, while protecting our cultural and natural heritage. Special attention will be given to technologies on water supply and sanitation, on sustainable chemistry, on construction and on forestry, in association with the respective European Technology Platforms. The socio-economic dimension will influence their development and introduction to the market and their subsequent application.