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Next Generation Internet


Proposals should cover one of the three bullet points (a, b or c):

a) Coordination and Support action - Identification of research topics

Design, build and apply a methodology to identify continuously those key future technologies that will support an Internet model more open and more inclusive in 10 years from now. For this:

  • Perform a portfolio analysis, coverage, mapping and gap analysis of ongoing and emerging research topics in future Internet.
  • Identify those key future Internet technologies, i.e. the game-changers for an Internet in 2025, and deduct specific technology roadmaps.
  • Analysis programmes and developments in Member States and Associated Countries, and activities in international partner countries.

b) Coordination and Support action - Dynamic and continuous consultation

Build an open, dynamic and continuous consultation process which engages all relevant stakeholders in a long-term and

Today the Internet is key to almost any socio-economic activity, a true value creator which reshapes economic and societal behaviours. This trend is irreversible and in 10 years from now the Internet will be an even more indispensable motor for socio-economic activity worldwide. If Europe aims to shape this future Internet as a powerful, open, data-driven, user-centric, interoperable platform ecosystem, it must take action now.

With a fresh view, the European Commission launches a new track of future Internet research aimed at developing a next generation of the Internet enabled by key technologies and services allowing it to become an open ecosystem avoiding the dominance of a few giant economic players. This coordination and support action will prepare the conditions, mobilise the constituencies and prototype the operations of a large future Next Generation Internet initiative going beyond Horizon 2020.

  • Establish the base for a large scale research flagship on the Next Generation Internet.
  • Prototype and validate new processes for research and innovation on Next Generation Internet.
  • Mobilise the new players indispensable for agile research on the Next Generation Internet, notably leading individual or teams of researchers and high tech startups.
  • Build an active, visible and agile ecosystem comprising all relevant stakeholders for making the Next Generation Internet flagship a success.
  • Build a dynamic and growing knowledge base of technological trends, initiatives and key players in the area of Next Generation Internet.