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FAIRification of IMI and EFPIA data


The project will focus on IMI projects that have data that is scientifically valuable and amenable to being made FAIR. It is expected that the databases of more than 20 IMI projects will be made FAIR in this project. All IMI projects will be assessed for the presence of such data that requires FAIRification, though it should be noted that IMI2 projects are already required to manage their data according to similar protocols.

Since 2008, numerous IMI consortia have been generating results in a diverse set of biomedical domains. In many projects these results have been stored in a custom database, sufficient for the project itself but difficult to access by scientists outside the project. The same is true for many internal industry research and development databases.

Making a significant portion of the data from IMI projects accessible and interoperable with other datasets and databases will greatly improve the use and impact of the data for translational biomedical research.

The concept of FAIR data (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) is perfectly suited for this task

  • Allow the scientific community to maximally leverage data from legacy and current IMI projects.
  • Strong increase of expertise in creation, curation, and stewardship of FAIR databases within IT communities.
  • Building skills and increasing competiveness for SMEs in Europe.
  • Allow the SME community to make their data, analysis tools and services better connected and aligned to pharma data and facilitate future collaboration.
  • Interoperability of the databases will allow sophisticated data analysis in all phases of drug discovery, including advanced analytical methods such as computer reasoning and inferencing.
  • The project will have a significant impact on the scientific community regarding the broad adaptation of FAIR data stewardship.