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Research for the development of Particulate Matter (PM) regulations and guidelines

The objectives of this topic would be to:
◘ Bring together European state-of-the-art research efforts on understanding, predicting and modelling aviation particulate matter [PM] emissions in order to support a European roadmap for developing new technologies aimed at their reduction;
◘ Deepen the understanding of PM emitted by aircraft engines and provide a better understanding of their impact on health at and around airports and on the global atmosphere.
◘ Support the development of guidelines and methodologies for aircraft engine data and modeling capabilities related to PM, in view of ICAO CAEP 11 and beyond.
◘ Assist EASA and the European Commission (RTD, MOVE, CLIMA, ENV) in developing regulations and guidelines and to set emissions standards related to PM.
◘ Propose a detailed roadmap for a potential follow-up action for an aircraft engine data acquisition program for PM emissions, from various categories of engines (turbofan, turbojet, turboprop, turboshaft, APU). In line with this outcome, the acquisition and exchange of relevant emissions data is encouraged with engine and aircraft manufacturers.
Please refer to the full topic descriptions document published in this call.