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Multipurpose bench for Tiltrotor equipment functional test


Innovative approach to perform functional testing at aircraft level through execution of simultaneous and integrated electro-avionics checks on aircraft equipment in order to reduce final assembly times. The main content of this Topic is to design, manufacture, test, develop and implement innovative Equipment that will reduce operator activities through automatic routines launched and witnessed. Emulation of electro-avionic equipment concept is also required to anticipate functional testing, avoiding installation and subsequent availability of valuable components. The activity will be splitted in two phases, one of which oriented to the Next Generation Tiltrotor Aircraft Demonstrator acting on Electrical Functional Test (Mainly Electrical Power Generation System) while the other one oriented on Development of automated Testing of Multiple Electro-Avionic Tiltrotor Functional Test and scalability analysis for larger Tiltrotor Aircraft. Please refer to the full topic descriptions document published in this c