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Advanced solutions for 2030+ UHBR Core Noise reduction


For Next Generation UHBR engines, Jet (cycle effect) and Fan (advanced liners and OGV concepts) noise will become less dominant and this will lead to further emergence of core noise sources. This topic aims at developping advanced solutions to reduce core noise of 2030+ UHBR engines. This will imply Improvements of combustor models fidelity (incl. more realistic geometric and flow fields description) and design of low noise treated Ceramic Matrix composites (CMC) exhaust concept based on new CMC manufacturing techniques. The different concepts will be validated with 2D/3D models parallel to the development of integrated combustor – turbine noise prediction techniques necessary to provide an optimum design for both low and high frequency liners implemented in a UHBR core nozzle and center body. Experimental campain will be performed benefiting from improved test set-up and signal processing for better identification of core/combustor noise. The maturation of the solutions will be focussed on 2030+ UHBR ap