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Copernicus Land Monitoring Service evolution


Since 2013, CLMS has developed core products for the monitoring of natural resources and the assessment of land cover and land use changes, including land cover conditions. At European level, land cover mapping is carried out on a regular basis, every 6 years for CORINE and every 3 years for the thematic ‘High Resolution Layers” (HRL). The local component dealing with land cover mapping on specific areas like riparian areas, urban zones and Natura 2000 sites, is following the same approach with a 6 years cycle but at very high resolution. At Global level, an annual land cover mapping has been proposed since 2015 at mid resolution, the evolution to high resolution is also envisaged.

Vegetation, Inland Water and Cryosphere conditions are also monitored but on a regular basis, mainly ten-daily basis at mid-resolution for the Global and European levels.

These mapping and monitoring approaches were partly conditioned by the availability of satellite data. The depl