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Common European Green Deal data space to provide more accessible and exploitable environmental observation data in support of the European Green Deal priority actions


Successful proposals are expected to contribute towards unleashing the potential of environmental, biodiversity and climate data through dedicated European data spaces. This should allow to exploit the major potential of environmental observation[[The capacity to observe the environment, including space-based, in-situ-based (air, sea, land) observation, and citizen observations]] data in support of one or more of the European Green Deal priority actions: climate change, circular economy, zero pollution, biodiversity, deforestation and compliance assurance. Successful proposals are expected to address these challenges and contribute across all environmental areas to help harness the power of big data and artificial intelligence for the benefits of the European Green Deal. The proposals should also help in the convergence of use of high performance computing, cloud, data and artificial intelligence resources for Earth system modelling.

Proposals should contribute to the implementation of the European strategy for data in the domain of environment/climate and could act as a digital enabler for the European Green Deal in those domains. To provide a sustainable perspective for the results achieved, the data and services developed under the proposals should firmly aim to be connected into the common topical European open infrastructure, Destination Earth. Proposals should leverage environmental, geospatial and climate-related data, which are a prerequisite to better understand issues and trends on how our planet and its climate are changing and to address the role humans play in these changes. Proposals should contribute to the release and use of those data to strengthen evidence-based analytical capabilities for policy-making and implementation, including through building on the planned efforts of the European Commission Knowledge Centres on Earth Observation, Biodiversity and Bio-economy hosted at JRC. Proposals should deliver open access to data useful for decision-making by public administrations, investors, insurers, businesses, cities, rural communities, citizen scientists, civil society and citizens, and for the development of new instruments to integrate climate change into risk management practices across the EU. Proposals should build on significant gains in our knowledge over the past decades on data management, to contribute to defragmenting data flows across topics, time and space, and develop best practices in the use of existing relevant platforms such as the Copernicus DIAS and the GEOSS infrastructure, or platforms in development under e.g. Destination Earth[[]], and communities in order to help prioritise and direct the efforts undertaken in the context of the European strategy for data.