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Empowering citizens to monitor, report and act in partnership with relevant public authorities to protect their environment in the context of environmental compliance assurance


Successful proposals are expected to support citizen engagement in particular by encouraging the validation and uptake of citizen observations by relevant public authorities for environmental compliance assurance. This includes the establishment of trusted data governance approaches in the context of the European Green Deal Data Space and, where possible, creating synergies with the citizen science development efforts of the Destination Earth initiative, and with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) European Partnership.

Capacity building for citizens, communities and intermediaries (training the trainer) to collect data and monitor their environment in addition to the data and information collected by other means of observation (statutory reporting, space-based, airborne, etc.), should be part of the proposal (e.g. through online or local learning and training modules), as well as awareness raising activities on environmental compliance assurance.