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Next Generation Innovation Talents


The Scheme has two main streams:

  1. Deep tech talents: Internship duration of 3 to 6 months open to PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers currently working for ERC, EIC Pathfinder, MSCA, EIT and Research Infrastructure actions. These internships will be dedicated to highly specialised work on specific project or assistance to a senior executive (CEO, CTO, CSO) as requested by the hosting company.
  2. Aspiring innovators: Internship duration of up to 6 months open to relevant students in (and graduates from) EIT Label Masters and Doctoral programmes, EIT Alumni, EIT Jumpstarter beneficiaries. These internships are for less specialist work experience in the host organisation.

The actions under this call should include as minimum the following key tasks:

  • Support to the preparation and implementation of call(s) for expression(s) of interest to eligible researchers/ research organisations and eligible companies i
    • Support to at least 600 internships (deep tech talents and aspiring innovators) over the duration of the action. The final number of participants per programme may vary based on demand but assuming high demand from all partner programmes, there should be a minimum of 150 researchers from EIC Pathfinder actions
    • Increased awareness and knowledge of researchers about potential career paths in startup companies or for creating their own companies;
    • Improved access to research talent by EIC and EIT supported startups and SMEs.
    • Increased visibility of the scheme, highlighting the role, funding instruments and opportunities provided by EIC and other EU partner programmes;
    • High quality assessment of the impact of the scheme, including feedback from internees and host companies, and recommendations for further development of the scheme

    The applicant must provide in its proposal SMART key performance indicators (KPI) to measure the expected impact. These KPI