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Master Planning & Monitoring


The ATM Master Plan is composed of three levels: level 1, executive view; level 2, development planning and reporting; and level 3, deployment planning and reporting. The master planning project will focus on supporting the SESAR 3 JU to plan and report on deployment activities in both industrialisation and implementation. The scope could be extended to supporting the SESAR 3 JU in campaign to update the European ATM Master Plan 2020 level 1, should it be decided to do so. Similarly, some content integration activities could be performed to support the SESAR 3 JU programme management, providing that an efficient methodology be made available. The management of level 2 will be performed by the SESAR 3 JU, and close coordination with the project will take place to ensure due consideration of the link to deployment.

To achieve the expected outcomes, the activities to be performed under the leadership of the SESAR 3 JU will focus on the following areas.

  • Main activities: