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Industrial Research & Validation for Master Plan Phase C Capacity-on-Demand and Dynamic Airspace


To achieve the expected outcomes, all or some of the following should be addressed.

  • Increased flexibility in ATCO validations within an ATSU or between two ATSUs with similar consoles, tools and HMIs (typically, but not necessarily, from the same ANSP). Standardisation of ATCO procedures and more generic en-route controller procedures can reduce the amount of training required for en-route or TMA controllers to be endorsed and/or to stay current in a sector or group of sectors, thanks to new tools and/or procedures. The objective is to allow more flexible rostering within a centre or across ATSUs from the same ANSP thanks to the virtual centre concept (assuming that the ATSUs use similar consoles and tools). This also includes the development of smart sector grouping options, so that controllers can remain validated for the same number of sectors as today, but the number of different sector groups is increased, in order to increase the flexibility of rostering processe