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ATM Excellent science and outreach for the aviation Green Deal


The European Green Deal has set the objective of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, in line with the EU’s commitment to global climate action under the Paris Agreement. To achieve this objective it is required to accelerate the shift to smarter and more sustainable mobility. The challenge is to achieve zero inefficiencies due to ATM by 2040: this means not only eliminating inefficiencies in the current system but also in the design and execution of the future ATM and U-space architecture. Proposals shall define and develop innovative solutions that could cover a wide variety of aspects e.g. operational measures that could be put in place to improve the fuel efficiency of flights, speeding up the modernisation of the air infrastructure to offer more capability and capacity and therefore offering more efficient trajectories, adapting the charging scheme to incentivise environmentally friendly operations, etc. The scope covers as well innovative ideas to accelerate decarbonisation of ATM and reduce