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EU-China co-operation for strategic planning of Beijing digital Olympics programme


The strategic objectives of ECOSPLAN are to carry out joint EU-China strategic planning of the Beijing Digital Olympics Programme (DOP) towards a successful organisation of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and a long-term and strong EU-China industry co-operation in the IST field.

The main activities of ECOSPLAN include:
- Establishing the EU-China Olympic Cities Forum to strengthen exchange of experience and know-how related to development of the DOP;
- Developing the strategic plan framework for the DOP and specifying the strategies and visions for the various sub-plans;
- Defining a long-term strategy for speeding up the building of Digital Beijing;
- Defining the technological platform for the DOP with a number of integrated and complementary information systems and services that comply with good international practices and embody Chinese characteristics;
- Disseminating and exploiting ECOSPLAN results.

Through the planned activities ECOSPLAN is clearly complementary to the initiative of the ongoing EU-China Working Group on Digital Olympics aiming to foster EU-China co-operation in the DOP. and it is expected to make significant contributions to the general and strategic objectives of the IST Priority, and particularly to the objectives of the Action Line 2.3.6 General Accompanying Actions. In fact, the joint EU-China strategic planning of the DOP is an effective approach to ensure a strong participation of European industry in this important international business case and to support a rapid adoption and transfer of a number of European IST technologies for applications in China for strong mutual interest and benefit. ECOSPLAN will thus provide a sound basis for a long-term and strong co-operation between the European and Chinese IST communities. It will in turn greatly increase competitiveness of European IST industry and strengthen the European leadership in a number of IST technological fields.

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