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Wireless world initiative new radio II


The goal of WINNER is to develop a single ubiquitous radio access system adaptable to a comprehensive range of mobile communication scenarios from short range to wide area. This will be based on a single radio access technology with enhanced capabilities compared to existing systems or their evolutions.

WINNER II is a continuation of the WINNER I project, which developed the overall system concept. WINNER II will develop and optimise this concept towards a detailed system definition. All investigations will take place within the context of a system view to enable a focused development of a system rather than individual components. In addition limited trials will be performed in order to assess some key elements of the WINNER II system. The radio interface will support the challenging requirements of systems beyond 3G. It will be scalable in terms of carrier bandwidth and carrier frequency range and it will allow deployment in newly identified and "re-farmed" frequency bands.

The system will support a wide range of usage and radio environments providing a significant improvement in performance and Quality of Service. The resulting system specification will meet future market demands and will provide optimum user experience. The radio interface will optimise the use of spectral resources, e.g. through the exploitation of actual channel conditions and multiple antenna technology. New networking topologies (e.g. relaying) will support cost-effective deployments. Support of advanced resource management and handover will ease the deployment of the WINNER system enabling seamless service provision and global roaming.

The project will also contribute to the global research, regulatory and standardisation activities. The WINNER approach targets a globally harmonised system. The project objectives are shared by a strong Consortium of major players in the mobile and wireless communication industry including manufacturers, network operators, R&D centres and the academic domain.

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