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European and Chinese Cooperation on Grid

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The Echogrid project fostered collaboration between the European Union and China in grid research and technologies by defining short-, mid-, and long-term vision in the field. The project: - developed a collaboration roadmap that identifies common areas of interest and opportunities for collaboration on grid technologies between the EU and China; - consolidated this vision and promote cross-fertilisation between Grid-related projects and initiatives in Europe and China by interacting with the grid research and industrial communities; - exchanged experiences and best practices by selecting grid open standards for grid middleware and applications interoperability and by promoting the identification of guidelines for building a standard quality assurance process; - supported lasting cooperation and establish tangible partnerships in the field through support activities and tools, ranging from a mobility programme to a dedicated partner profile database. The project organised a set of thematic workshops on strategic topics defined by the group of experts in the first year. These workshops were open to researchers and engineers from both academia and industry to define a better view of the research and development activities both in China and Europe. A research exchange programme and a fellowship programme was also continued to encourage exchange of personnel across countries and institutions. Achievements Relying on its core members, Echogrid rapidly federated and integrated many of the leading European and Chinese grid stakeholders within its activities, as well as the main grid programmes. Echogrid has focused on boosting interactions between researchers in Europe and China by creating gateways, defining common approaches, developing shared visions, and testing interoperability for standards development through a series of plug-tests. The final outcome is the Echogrid roadmap ( proposed for 3, 5, and 10 year stages. It addresses issues identified as being of mutual interest to researchers from academia and industry in China and Europe with new programming paradigms, grid architectures, grid management, virtual organisations, component models, workflow - business processes spotlighted as the top-level technological challenges for future collaborative developments in the drive towards the interoperability of open grid services. Additionally, specific recommendations are targeted at EU and Chinese funding and research players, with the aim of facilitating the development of future research initiatives. The consortium also organised several workshops and two conferences which reinforced the alliances within partners of the project as well as with external interested parties and initiatives. In addition, Echogrid organised two grid plug-tests events in October 2007 and 2008 to test and improve interoperability mechanisms of grid middleware. These plug-tests showed the active involvement of the Chinese counterparts. Efforts also aimed at disseminating the final roadmap and exchanging about the next research perspectives both on the academic and industrial aspects. Finally, owing to its mobility programme including (i) a fellowship programme for young researchers and (ii) a research exchange programme for experienced researchers, the project facilitated the cooperation between the two continents and gave the opportunity to several computer scientists to enrich their experience in many ways. Dissemination - OGF23, 2-6 June 2008, Barcelona, Spain The main goal was to disseminate Echogrid outcomes increase outreach in an international setting, liaise with standardisation, business and eScience communities, such as OGF, OGFEurope, and Beingrid communities, as well as showcase successful international partnerships with reference to industrial and eScience applications. - EchoGRID at ICT2008, 25-27 November 2008, Lyon, France The Echogridexhibition within ICT2008 was jointly organised with Bridge and Gridcomp. The exhibition offered a gateway to EU-China co-operation by highlighting the main objectives and outcomes of EchoGRID, including the roadmap. Particular value-add was brought by demos from both Bridge and Gridcomp. The networking Session dedicated to 'Priorities for future research on grids: EU & international perspectives” brought together representatives from Bridge, 3S, Challengers and NESSI-GRID, with the aim of fostering endorsement of strategic research agendas for Europe and future collaborative developments.