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Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks for the Common Agricultural Policy


Development of visual identity and set up of communications platforms and tools

Creating a logo branding and leaflets for MEF4CAP setting up a project website and twitter account

Landscape of agri-food ICT technologies within EU

This deliverable will provide a detailed analysis of the currently established agrifood technological solutions along with their respective adoption status and observed barriers across EU countries

Identification of potential pathways for future monitoring and evaluation framework policies

Identification of the most promising pathways combinations of current systems and new developments to provide data for future monitoring and evaluation needs

Emerging ICT technologies for the agricultural domain

This deliverable will provide an analysis on the most promising data and information technologies that are expected to support the agricultural ecosystem of the future

Potential of current systems and ICT developments for future data needs

Assessment of the potential of the current systems and the new technologies to provide data for the future monitoring and evaluation needs

Identified New technological opportunities from Collaboration with EU projects and initiatives

This deliverable will be a live document which captures the various liaison activities and outcomes extracted by the collaboration efforts with EU project and other related initiatives The document will be updated in month 20 and 30 with new developments

Review of current monitoring systems

Inventory of the current monitoring and evaluation systems in terms of goals scope data sources workflow results and indicators and the projects to innovate these systems

MEF4CAP portal

The MEF4CAP portal will be the central point of information on monitoring evaluation needs indicators applied and sources of data ranging from current CMEF to new ICT developments


Design of a System for Information Transfer to Reduce Administrative Burdens in the Agrifood Sector

Author(s): Krijn Poppe, Hans Vrolijk, Roeland van Dijk
Published in: International Journal on Food System Dynamics, Issue Int. J. Food System Dynamics 12 (4), 2021, 301 - 313, 2021, ISSN 1869-6945
Publisher: Cantama Press
DOI: 10.18461/ijfsd.v12i4.92

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