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Energy Smart Livestock Farming towards Zero Fossil Fuel Consumption


RES4LIVE newsletter

The RES4LIVE newsletters createdThe first will published at month No 4 and then once per semester

Web Site and social media presence

The RES4LIVE web page and social media posts

RES4LIVE promotional material

It will include the promotional material generated for RES4LIVE project

First set of practice abstracts

The resulting innovative knowledge and easy accessible enduser material from this project will feed into the EIPAGRI The agricultural European Innovation Partnership website for broad dissemination The enduser material to be produced contains a substantial number of summaries for practitioners in the EIP common format practice abstracts including the characteristics of the project eg contact details of partners etc A full package of practice abstracts will be produced by the project containing all the outcomesrecommendations which are ready for practiceA practice abstract is a short summary of around 10001500 characters word count no spaces see below which describes the main informationrecommendationpractice that can serve the endusers in their daily practice Guidance and templates for these practice abstracts are available on the EIPAGRI web site httpeceuropaeueipagricultureencontenteipagricommonformat A total target number of 30 practice abstracts is foreseen for the project 10 are expected to be delivered in the first batch

Project Management Handbook

Elaboration of the project management handbook to facilitate consortiums project management

Report on the analysis of energy demand/consumption and RES availability in typical livestock farms

Assessment of the existing situation on typical livestock farms estimations on the consumption and distribution identification of the most promising RES for each livestock farm type and determine the renewable energy potential in local farm areas

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Energy Use in the EU Livestock Sector: A Review Recommending Energy Efficiency Measures and Renewable Energy Sources Adoption

Author(s): Bas Paris; Foteini Vandorou; Dimitrios Tyris; Athanasios T. Balafoutis; Konstantinos Vaiopoulos; George Kyriakarakos; Dimitris Manolakos; George Papadakis
Published in: Applied Sciences, Αppl. Sci. 2022, 12(4), 2142, 2022, ISSN 2076-3417
Publisher: MDPI
DOI: 10.3390/app12042142