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Raw Materials for the Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy


Co-funded call documents report

report will include the Call Text and Guide for Applicants.

List of Scientific Evaluation Board members

List of independent international experts nominated by the CSC which will be made public at ERAMIN3 website

Report of Stage 2 full proposals and ranking list

Will include the evaluation consensus reports and scores for each proposal the ranking list of project proposals recommended for funding as well as the list of projects below threshold and not recommended for funding

Communication and Dissemination Plan

Communication and Dissemination Plan. It will ensure the coherence of the project “core messages” across the various channels used, and a strategic coverage of different audiences, combining timing and different media supports with consistent message content, structure and format.

Call promotional material

Call promotional material: Web links, webinars, flyers, press releases, posters, e-mail template and presentations required to advertise the launch of the co-funded call.

First report on Strategic Actions

First report on Strategic Actions presenting the First Action Plan 20212022 on ERAMIN3 networking activities with a specific focus on cooperation with EIT RM It will provide information on existing EU related initiatives and projects on RM and describe the structure of the cooperation with EIT RM

Joint selection list of the projects to be funded

Will include the publishable summary each selected proposal consortium partnerscountries and allocated public funding based on the ERALEARN2020 template as well as overall call statistics which will be made public at ERAMIN3 website

Project Website updated

The website will be updated in order to promote the call, publish the call documents and provide access to the ESS for applicants.

Set-up of electronic submission system

Set-up of electronic submission system on project website.

List of funded ERA-MIN and ERA-MIN 2 projects

List of funded ERAMIN and ERAMIN 2 projects distributed by category and keywords

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ERA-MIN: A Decade since the Inception of the EU Led Effort to Support the International Raw Materials Research Community

Author(s): Julio Marchamalo,Jorge Sotelo,Dina Carrilho
Published in: Proceedings of International Conference on Raw Materials and Circular Economy, 2022
Publisher: MDPI
DOI: 10.3390/materproc2021005110