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Data Management Plan_ First version

A Data Management Plan DMP will be prepared detailing what data the project will generate whether and how these will be exploited andor made accessible for verification and reuse and how it will be curated and preserved The DMP will be prepared in accordance with the Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 202047 or any update that will be released during the projects operation A first version of the DMP will be delivered within the first six months of the projectTask 12

Knowledge Management Strategy

Knowledge management activities will be planned in D13 Knowledge Management Strategy and implemented throughout the project duration as part of the project management activitiesTask 11

Report on PSM and SNA. Identification of DOs, NRQs and NIs

The results of the modelling in different case studies that will be done in task 41 will be described in this deliverableTask 41

Framework for PSDM implementation in REXUS case studies

A common framework for using a participatory process for SDM development will be reported hereTask 42

Report on Socioeconomic indicators for Nexus analysis and management

Report on Socioeconomic indicators for Nexus analysis and managementTask 36

Business plan_ First version

A business plan will be designed to ensure the longterm sustainability commercialization and takeup of its results and products as well as address legal and security aspectsTask 74

Climate risk assessment results in pilots

This subtask will use the climate projection data assembled in Task 35 as the basis for climate risk assessment in each pilot area The methodological approach will follow the World Bank screening process and tools49 The results will inform the LAA process as well as the PSDM exercise and scenario development The outcome of the subtask will be documented in D64Task 623

Baseline description and implementation framework

The framework and baseline description will be documented hereTask 61

Preliminary coupled resource stock-flow model

This deliverable consists in a preliminary version of a novel system modelling tool that will use data provided by the REXUS Observatory WP3 and will be used to explore real and alternative policy initiatives in the pilot cases WP6Task 43

Dissemination and Communication Strategy

The dissemination and communication strategy DCS will effectively define objectives targeted audiences communication channels action plan and key messages by using multilevel targets such as local national and EU level regional stakeholders national agencies and policy making institutions and other relevant stakeholders in the project countriesTask 71

LAA Stakeholder Engagement Guidelines

The LAA Stakeholder Engagement Guidelines providing flexible instructions on setting up operating and sustaining a pilot LAA will be prepared to support the LAAs leaders including a series of templates to standardise procedures and simplify reportingTask 21

Roadmap to navigate the available catalogues of EbA solutions and a finalised list of candidate EbA solutions

This deliverable constitute a roadmap to help the pilots navigate the landscape of tools and catalogues D52Task 52

Exploitation and sustainability plan (draft)_ First version

This deliverable will identify a strategy for each project output setting targets indicators and milestones for ensuring project sustainability after its endTask 74

Nexus e-dialogues

A series of 4 Nexus edialogues will disseminate the results and learnings from the REXUS approach in the pilot sites in partnership with LAAs and pilots WP2 WP6Task 73

Paper setting out the review of existing frameworks

A critical review of existing frameworks for evaluating options for adaptationbuilding a resilient nexus will be undertaken The review will identify commonalities and gaps in frameworks in relation to addressing nexus issues as well as their applicability at different spatial scales national transboundary and subnationalTask 51

Visual Identity & project identity material

Consists in projects visual identity logo visuals and the identity material descriptors digital brochure etcTask 72

Project website & serious games_ First version

The project website and social media platforms content will be created and adapted to the specifics of each target audience beneficiaries stakeholders and decision makers and key organisations This will feature both on the projects website and social media platforms Content for targeted communications with decision makers and other key institutions will be developed to support policy development and stakeholder relations Communication material will follow the implementation of the pilot cases sharing their progress and outcomes Final results will feature various formats infographics case study briefs videos The REXUS Serious Game a visualisation on WEFC Nexus interactions will be developed and hosted in the projects website as an open access tool for communication and engagement of relevant stakeholders and wider publicTask 73

Activity of the REXUS LAAs (updated by the end of the project)_First version

The activity of REXUS LAAs will be reported using a blog formatTask 25


Learning and Action Alliances Towards the Development of NEXUS based Solutions in Pinios River Basin, Greece: Preliminary Results

Author(s): Chatzi, A., Malamataris, D., Babakos, K., Panagopoulos, A., Pisinaras, V., Dalambakis, P. & Hatzigiannakis, E.
Published in: e-proceedings of 16th International Conference on Protection and Restoration of the Environment, 2022
Publisher: Stevens Institute of Technology, USA, and the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Patras, Greece

Using Participatory System Dynamics Modelling for analyzing Water-Energy-Food Nexus resilience: the Lower Danube case study

Author(s): Giordano, R., Scrieciu, A., Pagano, A.
Published in: 7th IAHR2022 Europe Congress, 2022
Publisher: 7th IAHR2022 Europe Congress

The NDVI plateau value in summer as indicator of water allocation in almond, pistachioand olive crops

Author(s): Pedro Olivas, Jaime Campoy, Jesús Garrido, José González-Piqueras, Herminio Molina, Alfonso Calera
Published in: Teledetección para una Agricultura Sostenible en la era del Big Data, 2022, Page(s) 15-19, ISBN 978-84-9769-383-7
Publisher: Universidad Pública de Navarra

Retos en la gestión del agua desde la perspectiva del nexo agua-energía-alimentación-medioambiente y la integración de tecnologías de observación de la tierra.

Author(s): José González-Piqueras
Published in: Proceedings of Congreso Ibérico de las Aguas Subterráneas 2022, Issue Invited Conference, 2022
Publisher: Asociación Internacional de Hidrogeólogos

Water resources competition in an international watershed: the Isonzo-Soca case study

Author(s): Virginia Rosa COLETTA, Alessandro IMBO', Alessandro PAGANO, Raffaele GIORDANO, Umberto FRATINO
Published in: Proceedings of the ICIRBM 2022 - 43rd Edition of Italian Conference on Integrated River Basin Management, 2022
Publisher: ICIRBM

Determining Nature-based Solutions and Key Performance Indicators to address Water – Ecosystem – Food Nexus Challenges in Pinios River Basin, Greece

Author(s): Malamataris, D., Chatzi, A., Babakos, K., Panagopoulos, A., Pisinaras, V., Dalambakis, P. & Hatzigiannakis, E.
Published in: Proceedings in IAHR Europe conference, 2022
Publisher: IAHR

Estimation of the reference evapotranspiration from the global weather forecasting system GFS model

Author(s): Joan M. Galve, Jesús Garrido-Rubio , Julio Villodre, Claudio Balbontín, Alfonso Calera, José Gonzalez-Piqueras
Published in: Teledetección para una Agricultura Sostenible en la era del Big Data, 2022, Page(s) 133-137, ISBN 978-84-9769-383-7
Publisher: Universidad Pública Navarra

Estimation of water needs in almond orchards through the surface energy balance applied toLandsat 8 imagery.

Author(s): Juan M. Sánchez, José González-Piqueras, Jaime Hurtado, Antonio Rodríguez, Llanos Simón, Ramón López-Urrea, Vicente García-Santos
Published in: Teledetección para una Agricultura Sostenible en la era del Big Data, 2022, Page(s) 7-11, ISBN 978-84-9769-383-7
Publisher: Universidad Pública de Navarra

Land use classification applying Machine Learning to time series

Author(s): Alejandro M. Simón-Sánchez, José González-Piqueras, Luis de la Ossa, Alfonso Calera-Belmonte
Published in: Teledetección para una Agricultura Sostenible en la era del Big Data, 2022, Page(s) 405-409, ISBN 978-84-9769-383-7
Publisher: Universidad Pública de Navarra

Crosscalibration between Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 to configure a multisensor constellation

Author(s): Jesús Puchades-Yago, Alfonso Calera-Belmonte, Joan M. Galve, Juan M. Sánchez-Tomás, José González-Piqueras
Published in: Teledetección para una agricultura sostenible en la era del big data., 2022, Page(s) 477-480, ISBN 978-84-9769-383-7
Publisher: Universidad Pública de Navarra

Stakeholders’ Viewpoints on Water-Energy-Food-Climate NEXUS Challenges in Pinios River Basin, Greece.

Author(s): Malamataris, D., Chatzi, A., Babakos, K., Panagopoulos, A., Pisinaras, V., Dalambakis, P. & Hatzigiannakis, E.
Published in: Proceedings of 12th International Hydrogeological Conference, 2022
Publisher: International Association of Hydrogeologists

Remote Sensing based Water Footprint estimation for agricultural crops production.Methodology and case study for the Mancha Oriental aquifer

Author(s): Jesús Garrido-Rubio, José González-Piqueras, Alfonso Calera, Irene Arellano, David Sánchez
Published in: Teledetección para una Agricultura Sostenible en la era del Big Data, 2022, Page(s) 293-297, ISBN 978-84-9769-383-7
Publisher: Asociación Española de Teledetección

Assessment of Land Surface Temperature Estimates from Landsat 8-TIRS in A High-Contrast Semiarid Agroecosystem. Algorithms Intercomparison

Author(s): Vicente García-Santos; Alfonso José Calera Belmonte; Juan Manuel Sánchez Tomás; Jose González-Piqueras; Joan Miquel Galve Romero; Julio Villodre Carrilero
Published in: Remote Sensing; Volume 14; Issue 8; Pages: 1843, Issue 14 (8), 2022, ISSN 2072-4292
Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
DOI: 10.3390/rs14081843

Is the Subsurface Drip the Most Sustainable Irrigation System for Almond Orchards in Water-Scarce Areas?

Author(s): Montoya, F., Sanchez, J. M., Gonzalez-Piqueras, J.,Lopez-Urrea, R.
Published in: AGRONOMY-BASEL, Issue 1778, 2022, ISSN 2073-4395
Publisher: MDPI AG
DOI: 10.3390/agronomy12081778

Convolutional Neural Networks for Agricultural Land Use Classification from Sentinel-2 Image Time Series

Author(s): Simón Sánchez, A.-M.; González-Piqueras, J.; de la Ossa, L.; Calera, A.
Published in: REMOTE SENSING, Special Issue Application of Artificial Intelligence in Land Use and Land Cover Mapping II, Issue 14, 2022, Page(s) 5373, ISSN 2072-4292
Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
DOI: 10.3390/rs14215373

System Impacts of Nature Based Solutions on the Water, Energy, Land Nexus in the Pinios River Basin, Greece

Author(s): Whitfield, C.T.
Published in: 2022
Publisher: Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Il fenomeno dell’hydropeaking nel bacino dell'Isonzo-Soča

Author(s): Alessandro Imbò
Published in: 2022
Publisher: Politecnico di Bari

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