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RAILway Ground truth and digital mAP


High Level Logical Functional Architecture of the RAILGAP Infrastructure

The deliverable shall include the description of Logical Functional Architecture of the infrastructure capable of meeting the identified user requirements

Sensor Error Models in Railway Environment first version

This deliverable is a report specifying the identified sensor fault modes and degraded situations in the railway environment and the deterministic and stochastic error models for the different measurement error sources of each sensor

User Requirements Document related to Digital Map and Reference Measurement Values & Procedures

The deliverable shall include the description of the user needs in terms of functional and notfunctional requirements of the HW SW infrastructure to build and delivery Digital Maps and Reference Measurement Values and related Reference Measurement Procedures ie Ground Truths

Dissemination Plan

The document will outline the communication strategy implemented in the project as well as will detail the methods to be used for dissemination and communication


User Needs for the development of new methodologies and R&D tools for building a Railway Digital Map and for the experimental performance evaluation of On-Board subsystems

Auteurs: Giusy EMMANUELE, Massimiliano CIAFFI, Omar GARCIA CRESPILLO, Alessandro NERI, Alessia VENNARINI, Agostino RUGGERI, Juliette MARAIS, Susana HERRANZ de ANDRES, Jorge Ignacio IGLESIAS DIAZ, Daniel MOLINA MARINAS, Ricardo CAMPO CASCALLANA, Antonio ÁGUILA MARTÍNEZ-CASARIEGO, Jose Conrado Martinez ACEVEDO, Fabio SENESI, Salvatore SABINA
Publié dans: World Congress on Railway Research WCRR (6-10 June 2022), 2022
Éditeur: World Congress on Railway Research WCRR

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