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School-community Partnership for Reversing Inequality and Exclusion: Transformative Practices of Segregated Schools


Data Management Plan

As this project produces collects and processes research data a Data Management Plan DMP is needed

Offline communication materials; EE kits

We intend to address various target groups with different tools and messages Facebook YouTube Twitter instagram informal content webpage blogs and direct mailings All the online tools like banners the website the Facebook pagegroup etc will show clear that the Inclusion4Schools project is funded by the European Commission Taking into consideration the interest of elderly people too besides the online tools the importance of printed infomaterials offline tools should not to be neglected

Online communication tools: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube

The main dissemination channel will be the Inclusion4Schools online platform which will also include tools for social media sharing Facebook LinkedIn Twitter etc It will provide a large and heterogeneous public with userfriendly access to information The web based online tool will include information about project activities well as relevant external information through news channels event channel event calendar project eventsexternal events etc

Dissemination & Exploitation Plan

All partners will contribute in defining their respective actions and involvement in the plan The strategy for the dissemination and communication of the project will be devised at initial stages of the project and presented in the deliverable 61 Dissemination Exploitation Plan The plan will be designed to enable fast adaptation of dissemination measures to flexibly respond to emerging challenges during the projects duration and will be periodically reviewed and adjusted according to the monitoring of respective activities

Quality Assurance Plan

The objective of this task is to improve the quality of projectrelated work and results based on a quality assurance plan

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