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Accelerating Digital Innovation in Schools through Regional Innovation Hubs and a Whole-School Mentoring Model


Support mechanisms for engagement and sustainability, initial version

D21 Support mechanisms for engagement and sustainability initial version M6 The Engagement and Sustainability Toolkit includes three elements a an engagement framework is defined in T21 concerning the establishment of a multistakeholder community around implementation of digital innovation with partners b the projects engagement platform as defined in T22 c a broader set of strategic sustainability goals and actions see T23 An early internal draft of the framework will be madeavailable to other WPs at M3

State of the art analysis

State of the Field in digital innovation in schools

Support mechanisms for engagement and sustainability, final version

In this task practices of wholeschool implementation and TEL pedagogical strategies are developed and collected to reach a broad audience The provision of a platform is needed to share good practices and enhance the communication between teachers school principals and other stakeholders To reach this goal an engagement platform will be established to visualize and analyze the engagement activities and formats collected and shared by each partner Platform will be implemented digitally thus ensuring larger sharing possibilities This platform will be iteratively updated and developed to include the feedback and new ideas from stakeholders In addition scaling up engagement activities and formats is a key element in this task We will draw on the graaspeu platform which is maintained by one of the partners EPFL and which has already been used in several H2020 projects for supporting teacher communities Task will contribute to the D21 and D22Task leader EPFLParticipants TLU HarNo VU BSU

Initial mentoring model

Based on the partner experiences existing model and approaches results of the deskresearch and practices the initial model will be proposed in collaboration with cocreation teams and the National Stakeholder Networks

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