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In/Tangible European Heritage - Visual Analysis, Curation and Communication


Data model (v.2)

The final data model includes input from the user practices Task 11 explains necessary changes and includes a commented OWL 2 The model is published open access

Common vocabularies

The report discusses the vocabularies used in the data sources and outlines potential established candidate vocabularies to link only highlevel concepts In close cooperation with WP1 these candidate vocabularies are discussed in relation to the user practices Finally it explains the resources chosen for deeper harmonization and includes the vocabularies as commented SKOS files The vocabularies are published open access

Policy Briefs (v.1)

The most relevant results of InTaVia are summarized for decisionmakers and stakeholders in policy science culture and the creative industries The report will be updated in the middle and at the end of the project

Report on narrative visualization techniques for OPDB data

This deliverable will report on narrative visualization techniques for OPDB data The internal report will subsequently be adapted and submitted for a journal publication to document the corresponding visualization state of the art and to report on related research and development challenges


The website will be running and updated throughout the project


Evaluating the Suitability of Two-point Equidistant Projection for Animated Map Transitions [BSc thesis Media Computer Science, University of Stuttgart]

Author(s): Hirsch, A.
Published in: 2023
Publisher: University of Stuttgart
DOI: 10.18419/opus-13440

Evaluation of Degree of Interest-transitions for Ego-perspective Exploration of Geo-located Graphs [BSc thesis Computer Science, University of Stuttgart]

Author(s): Stengel, M.
Published in: 2023
Publisher: University of Stuttgart
DOI: 10.18419/opus-13199

Evaluating Linking and Brushing Techniques in Aggregated Views [BSc thesis Data Science, University of Stuttgart]

Author(s): Dreesmann, P.
Published in: 2023
Publisher: University of Stuttgart
DOI: 10.18419/opus-13322

Ego-Graph-based Visual Exploration of Semantic Knowledge Graphs [BSc thesis Software Engineering, University of Stuttgart]

Author(s): Gruhnert, J.
Published in: 2022
Publisher: University of Stuttgart
DOI: 10.18419/opus-12493

From Text to Knowledge: Methods, Tools, and Applications for Digital Humanities Based on Linked Data

Author(s): Minna Tamper
Published in: Aalto University publication series DOCTORAL THESES, 19/2023, 2023
Publisher: Aalto University

Finding and explaining relations in a biographical knowledge graph based on life events: Case BiographySampo

Author(s): Heikki Rantala, Eero Hyvönen, Petri Leskinen
Published in: ESWC 2023 Workshops and Tutorials Joint Proceedings, 2023
Publisher: CEUR

Reconciling and Using Historical Person Registers as Linked Open Data in the AcademySampo Knowledge Graph

Author(s): Leskinen, P. & Hyvönen, E.
Published in: Proceedings of the 20th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2021), Issue LNISA/LNCS, vol. 12922, 2021, Page(s) 714-730, ISBN 978-3-030-88361-4
Publisher: Springer
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-88361-4_42

Linking and visualizing cultural heritage data for humanities research

Author(s): Mayr, Eva; Pobežin, Gregor; Schlögl, Matthias; Liem, Johannes; Windhager, Florian
Published in: DARIAH annualevent, Issue 1, 2023
Publisher: DARIAH
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8004479

Analyzing the Lives of Finnish Academic People 1640–1899 in Nordic and Baltic Countries: AcademySampo Data Service and Portal

Author(s): Petri Leskinen, Eero Hyvönen, Heikki Rantala
Published in: Proceedings of the 6th Digital Humanities in the Nordic and Baltic Countries Conference (DHNB 2022), 2022, Page(s) 94-108
Publisher: CEUR

Members of Parliament in Finland Knowledge Graph and Its Linked Open Data Service.

Author(s): Leskinen, P., Hyvönen, E. & Tuominen, J.
Published in: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Semantic Systems, Issue Volume 53: Further with Knowledge Graphs, 2021, Page(s) 255 - 269, ISBN 978-1-64368-201-3
Publisher: IOS Press
DOI: 10.3233/ssw210049

Skalierbare Blicke auf Leben und Werk: Visuelle Analyse und Kuratierung von kulturellen Objekten und Künstler*innen-Biographien

Author(s): Windhager, Florian; Liem, Johannes; Mayr, Eva; Schlögl, Matthias; Ebel, Carla; Probst, Stefan; Beck, Samuel; Koch, Steffen
Published in: "DHd 2023 Open Humanities Open Culture. 9. Tagung des Verbands ""Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum"" (DHd 2023)", 2023
Publisher: DHd
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7715542

Towards Reusable Aggregated Biographical Research Data: Provenance and Versioning in the InTaVia Knowledge Graph.

Author(s): Kesäniemi, J., Schlögl, M., Tuominen, J., de Boer, V., & Sugimoto, G.
Published in: DHNB2023 Book of Abstracts: Sustainability: Environment, Community, Data,, 2023, Page(s) 117
Publisher: Digital Humanities in the Nordic and Baltic Countries
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7670464

Vergerijeva britev : izvor nacije in (pre)branja antičnih zgodovinopiscev pri humanistih

Author(s): Pobežin, Gregor
Published in: Kolektivne identitete skozi prizmo zgodovine dolgega trajanja : slovenski pogledi, 2022, Page(s) 85-102, ISBN 978-961-05-0647-8
Publisher: Založba ZRC

Dealing with Abbreviations in the Slovenian Biographical Lexicon

Author(s): Angel Daza; Antske Fokkens; Tomaž Erjavec
Published in: Proceedings of the 2022 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, 2022
Publisher: Association for Computational Linguistics
DOI: 10.18653/v1/2022.emnlp-main.596

Daten im Raum - Visualisierungen und Physikalisierungen im Medium Ausstellung

Author(s): Bentz, I., Gfrereis, H., Hildenbrandt, V., Mayr, E., Offenberg, E., Tropper, E., & Windhager, F.
Published in: DHd2022, 2022
Publisher: DHd
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6328216

Hierarchical Multifocus Navigation in Text Annotation Data

Author(s): Martin Baumann, Jena Satkunarajan, Steffen Koch, Thomas Ertl
Published in: 2022 IEEE 15th Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis), 2022
Publisher: IEEE
DOI: 10.1109/pacificvis53943.2022.00026

Epigrafska dediščina na pročelju koprske Pretorske palače : stanje raziskav in nekaj predlaganih rešitev za nadaljnje delo

Author(s): Pobežin, Gregor
Published in: Litterae, picturae titulique : pričevanja, teksti in konteksti = testimonianze, testi e contesti, 2023, Page(s) 13-42, ISBN 978-961-7157-02-4
Publisher: Osrednja knjižnica Srečka Vilharja = Capodistria : Biblioteca centrale Srečko Vilhar

The Multiple Faces of Cultural Heritage: Towards an Integrated Visualization Platform for Tangible and Intangible Cultural Assets.

Author(s): Eva Mayr, Florian Windhager, Johannes Liem, Samuel Beck, Steffen Koch, Jakob Kusnick, Stefan Jänicke
Published in: vis4dh 2022, 2022
Publisher: IEEE
DOI: 10.1109/vis4dh57440.2022.00008

Data Driven Storytelling zu kulturellen Objekten und Biographien

Author(s): Liem, Johannes; Kusnick, Jakob; Jänicke, Steffan; Doppler, Carina; Passecker, Markus; Mayr, Eva; Windhager, Florian
Published in: DHd proceedings, 2023
Publisher: DHd
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7715536

Zur Nachhaltigkeit von Visualisierungen in den digitalen Geisteswissenschaften [On the sustainability of visualizations in the digital humanities]

Author(s): High-Steskal, N., Liem, J., Mayr, E. & Windhager, F.
Published in: FORGE 2021: Forschungsdaten in den Geisteswissenschaften - Mapping the Landscape - Geisteswissenschaftliches Forschungsdatenmanagement zwischen lokalen und globalen, generischen und spezifischen Lösungen (FORGE2021), 2021
Publisher: Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum e.V. (DHd)
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5379671

Visualizing Biographical Trajectories by Historical Artifacts: A Case Study Based on the Photography Collection of Charles W. Cushman

Author(s): Eva Mayr, Saminu Salisu, Velitchko A. Filipov, Günther Schreder, Roger A. Leite, Silvia Miksch, Florian Windhager
Published in: Biographical Data in a Digital World 2019, 2022
Publisher: CEUR

Confidently Wrong: Exploring the Calibration and Expression of (Un)Certainty of Large Language Models in a Multilingual Setting

Author(s): Lea Krause, Wondimagegnhue Tufa, Selene Baez Santamaria, Angel Daza, Urja Khurana, Piek Vossen
Published in: Proceedings of the Workshop on Multimodal, Multilingual Natural Language Generation and Multilingual WebNLG Challenge (MM-NLG 2023), 2023, Page(s) 1-9
Publisher: ACL

Leben, Werke und Datensilos - Zur Verkn��pfung und Visualisierung von im/materiellen Komponenten des kulturellen Erbes

Author(s): Mayr, Eva; Liem, Johannes; High-Steskal, Nicole; Grebe, Anja; Windhager, Florian
Published in: "DHd 2022 8. Tagung des Verbands ""Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum"" (DHd 2022)", 2022
Publisher: DHd
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6328090

Visualization-based Scrollytelling of Coupled Threats for Biodiversity, Species and Music Cultures

Author(s): Kusnick, Jakob, Lichtenberg, Silke, Jänicke, Stefan
Published in: Workshop on Visualisation in Environmental Sciences (EnvirVis), 2023, Page(s) 99-106
Publisher: The Eurographics Association
DOI: 10.2312/envirvis.20231112

" Presentation slides for PacificVis 2023 Visualization Notes talk ""Toward Reproducible Visual Analysis Results"" "

Author(s): Franke, Max; Reina, Guido; Koch, Steffen
Published in: PacificVis, Issue 7, 2023
Publisher: IEEE VIS
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7846110

Dos and Don’ts of Building a Pan-European Biographical Knowledge Graph : Statistical Analysis of the InTaVia-Platform

Author(s): Schlögl , M , Kesäniemi , J , Tuominen , J , Boer , V D , Sugimoto , G & Ebel , C
Published in: DHNB2023 Book of Abstracts: Sustainability: Environment, Community, Data., 2023
Publisher: Digital Humanities in the Nordic and Baltic Countries

Plenary Debates of the Parliament of Finland as Linked Open Data and in Parla-CLARIN Markup

Author(s): Sinikallio, L., Drobac, S., Tamper, M., Leal, R., Koho, M., Tuominen, J., La Mela, M. & Hyvönen, E.
Published in: 3rd Conference on Language, Data and Knowledge (LDK 2021), Issue 93, 2021, Page(s) 8:1-8:17, ISBN 978-3-95977-199-3
Publisher: Schloss Dagstuhl -- Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik
DOI: 10.4230/oasics.ldk.2021.8

Four Ways to Experience Augmented Reality at Museums

Author(s): Ossmann, J., Seirafi, K., & Doppler, C.
Published in: METHIS. STUDIA HUMANIORA ESTONICA., Issue 22 (27/28), 2021, ISSN 2228-4745
Publisher: Tartu Ülikooli Kirjastus
DOI: 10.7592/methis.v22i27/28.18451

Digital humanities on the Semantic Web: Sampo model and portal series

Author(s): Hyvönen, Eero
Published in: Semantic Web, 2023, Page(s) 14(4): 729-744, ISSN 1570-0844
Publisher: IOS Press
DOI: 10.3233/sw-223034

Parlamenttisampo: eduskunnan aineistojen linkitetyn avoimen datan palvelu ja sen käyttömahdollisuudet [Parlamenttisampo: A linked open data service for parliamentary data and how it can be used]

Author(s): Hyvönen, E., Sinikallio, L., Leskinen, P., Drobac, S., Tuominen, J., Elo, K., La Mela, M., Koho, M., Ikkala, E., Tamper, M., Leal, R., & Kesäniemi, J.
Published in: Informaatiotutkimus, Issue 40(3), 2021, Page(s) 216–244, ISSN 1797-9129
Publisher: Informaatiotutkimuksen yhdistys ry
DOI: 10.23978/inf.107899

Instance level analysis on linked open data connectivity for cultural heritage entity linking and data integration

Author(s): Go Sugimoto
Published in: Semantic Web, Issue 14(1), 2022, ISSN 1570-0844
Publisher: IOS Press
DOI: 10.3233/sw-223026

Analyzing biography collections historiographically as Linked Data: Case National Biography of Finland

Author(s): Tamper, Minna; Leskinen, Petri; Hyvönen, Eero; Valjus, Risto; Keravuori, Kirsic
Published in: Semantic Web, 2023, Page(s) 14, no. 2, pp. 385-419, ISSN 1570-0844
Publisher: IOS Press
DOI: 10.3233/sw-222887

Biografiasampo yhdistää ja rikastaa suomalaiset elämäkerrat linkitettynä datana semanttisessa webissä [Biographysampo links and enriches Finnish biographies as linked data on the Semantic Web]

Author(s): Hyvönen, E., Leskinen, P., Tamper, M., Rantala, H., Ikkala, E., Tuominen, J., & Keravuori, K.
Published in: Informaatiotutkimus, Issue 40(3), 2021, Page(s) 346–368, ISSN 1797-9129
Publisher: Informaatiotutkimuksen yhdistys ry
DOI: 10.23978/inf.107948

There's History in All Men's Lives. Conference Proceedings

Author(s): Pobežin, G.
Published in: 2023
Publisher: InTaVia
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10442398

Mental models and visualization

Author(s): Windhager, F. & Mayr, E.
Published in: Visualization Psychology, 2023, Page(s) 65–83
Publisher: Springer
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-34738-2_3

Visuelle Analyse und Kuratierung von Biographiedaten [Visual Analysis and Curation of Biography Data]

Author(s): Windhager, F., Mayr, E., Schlögl, M. & Kaiser, M.
Published in: Digital History, 2022, ISBN 9783110757101
Publisher: DeGruyter
DOI: 10.1515/9783110757101-008

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