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Methodology and knowledge creation tools

The deliverable will report the common methodology to be adopted by all the thematic groups in the crossnational living hub The methods to share and create knowledge and strategic discussions on challenges needs roles responsibilities and solutions including consensus building and identifying discussions research topics and industry actions that have not yet reached consensus will be included The deliverable will also report all the tools needed to make the living hub operational for the collection of knowledge and its subsequent analysis in WP3 WP4 and WP5 organisation of workshops online meetings stakeholder interviews tools to engage citizens and organise citizens dialogues as well as advanced tools and methodologies such as AIPossible customizations related to different countries regions modes will be provided ifwhen necessary

Report of the Stakeholder Forum establishment

The deliverable will report the actions to be made to engage in the living hub the stakeholders to form the Stakeholder Forum both at EU and nonEU level Specific initiatives impacts and adjustment measures will be reported to allow to continue the engagement of stakeholders all along the project that will be in continuous evolution open to host new members and from more countriesMore than 30 stakeholders have already expressed interest in joining the Stakeholder Forum and WETRANSFORM possesses several channels initiatives with partners involvement AB members etc to ensure the recruitment of targeted stakeholders

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