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A global approach for recovery of arable land through improved phytoremediation coupled with advanced liquid biofuel production and climate friendly copper smelting process


Preliminary Communication & Dissemination Plan & periodic updates No.1

First plan for communication, outreach and dissemination of the project results to different networks, stakeholders from public and private organisations and the scientific community. This deliverable refers to task 7.1.

Report on plant growth and phytoremediation capacity optimization studies

This deliverable is the result of T22 and responds to the Specific Objective 22 It will contain the results of the characterisation of heavy metals and hydrocarbons in real soil samples the description of the phytoremediation capacity optimization tests for the 5 sites as well as the obtained results

Preliminary Communication & Dissemination Plan & periodic updates No.2

Updated plan for communication outreach and dissemination of the project results to different networks stakeholders from public and private organisations and the scientific community This deliverable refers to task 71

Project Visual Identity,templates, website and social media feeds online

Creation of a project logo and its incorporation into a standardized set of templates for project reporting (Word) and public dissemination (Power Point). This deliverable refers to task 7.2.

Website and social media feeds online

Design and set-up of the project website and social media channels (establishment of project presence at digital level). This deliverable refers to task 7.2.


Clean Biofuel Production and Phytoremediation Solutions from Contaminated Lands Worldwide

Author(s): Ortner, M.; Otto, H.J.; Brunbauer, L.; Kick, C.; Eschen, M.; Sanchis, S.; Audino, F.; Zeremski, T.; Szlek, A.; Petela, K.; Grassi, A.; Capaccioli, S.; Fermeglia, M.; Vanheusden, B.; Perišić, M.; Young, B.; Trickovic, J.; Kidikas, Z.; Gavrilović, O.; Blázquez-Pallí, N.; López Cabornero, D.; Jaggi, C.; Klein, V.
Published in: 30th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Proceedings, Issue July 2022, Annualy, 2022, Page(s) 8
Publisher: ETA s.r.l.

Potential of Brassica Napus for Phytoextraction of Heavy Metals from Soil and Sediment

Author(s): N. Djukanovic, J. Beljin, T. Zeremski, J. Trickovic, S. Roncevic, N. Stojanov, S. Maletic
Published in: Book of Abstracts – 2nd European Sample Preparation e-Conference & 1st Green and Sustainable Analytical Chemistry e-conference, Issue Annually, 2022, Page(s) 218, ISBN 978-2-9602706-1-7
Publisher: EuChemS-DAC Sample Preparation Study Group and Network

Phytoremediation of sediment polluted with organic pollutants

Author(s): Marijana Kragulj Isakovski, Snezana Maletić, Srdjan Rončević,Nadezda Stojanov, Tijana Zeremski
Published in: Issue Annually, 2022
Publisher: National Technical University of Athens


Author(s): Nina Đukanovic, Jelena Beljin, Tijana Zeremski, Jelena Tričković, Srđan Rončević, Nadežda Stojanov, Snežana Maletić
Published in: WASTE WATERS, MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTES AND HAZARDOUS WASTES, Issue Annually, 2022, Page(s) 210-214, ISBN 978-86-81618-13-4

Phytoextraction of Cu, Cd, Zn and As in four shrubs and trees growing on soil contaminated with mining waste

Author(s): Belen Heredia, Raul Tapia, Brian Jonathan Young, Paul Hasuoka, Pablo Pacheco, Gonzalo Roqueiro
Published in: Chemosphere, Issue Volume 308, Monthly, 2022, Page(s) 10, ISSN 0045-6535
Publisher: Pergamon Press Ltd.
DOI: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2022.136146

Nature-Based Solution to Man-Made Problems: Fostering the Uptake of Phytoremediation and Low-iluc Biofuels in the EU

Author(s): Matteo Fermeglia and Marko Perišić
Published in: Journal for European Environmental & Planning Law, Issue Volume 20 (2023): Issue 2 (26 Jun 2023), quarterly, 2023, Page(s) 23, ISSN 1613-7272
Publisher: Brill
DOI: 10.1163/18760104-20020007

Unpacking the legal conundrum of nature-based soil remediation and sustainable biofuels production in the European Union

Author(s): Matteo Fermeglia, Marko Perišić
Published in: Soil Security, Issue Volume 13, December 2023, 100109, 2023, Page(s) 7, ISSN 2667-0062
Publisher: Elsevier
DOI: 10.1016/j.soisec.2023.100109

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