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Semantically Connected Semiconductor Supply Chains


Data Management Plan First Version

Submission of the first version of the data management plan The DMP describes the data management life cycle for the data to be collected processed andor generated by SC3 It will cover the handling of research data during and after the end of the project what data will be collected processed andor generated which methodology and standards will be applied whether data will be sharedmade open access and how data will be curated and preserved Also the DMP provides guidelines how the data will be stored in an open research repository and how we ensure how third parties can freely access mine exploit reproduce and disseminate our data Therefore a way how to access the data with the necessary tools is provided This is necessary to validate the researchAlso within the data management plan the open research pilot is covered The open research pilot will cover the need to balance openness and protection of scientific information commercialisation and IPR privacy concerns security data management and preservation questions Guidelines will be provided whether research data will be open or closed but will follow the principle of as open as possible as closed as necessary

Dissemination and Communication Reporting A

This deliverable will define the communication plan and strategy and establish impact measurement instruments and strategies It will also comprise a solid design guide depicting the branding and visual language the project will use KPIs for dissemination and communication plans Table 8 In M3 information is provided how exactly these phases will be tackled Therefore a detailed list of tackled printed journals and digital LinkedIn media will be provided Furthermore a concrete plan will be developed on how many people will read the printed and digital content published by the SC3 team

Yearly report on stakeholders’ engagement activities A

These deliverables will describe the result of the workshops done throughout the year These reports will include the measurement for number of stakeholder meetings per quarter to evaluate the establishment of regular stakeholder meetings with a view to management Impact 2 oD61A describing stakeholder needs and requirements i for a standardised vocabulary describing the domain and the commonly known and existing data documentation and models ii for platform functionalities iii for demonstrators

Demonstrators specifications, development and implementation reports A

The deliverables will report the implementation of the demonstrators Each deliverable will include the description of each demonstrator accompanied by all relevant usage guidelines The lessons learned from each stage and how they are accommodated in the next stages are also reported

Requirements Elicitation / Specification A

This deliverable will be produced in the context of T21 and T22 The initial version is to be submitted in M12 and will report the complete list of the functional requirements of the platform as well as the description of the vocabulary and the ontologies for semiconductor domain and other relating domains This document will continuously be updated addressing the emerging business and research wide needs that might come up during the project implementation so as to revise and or prioritize the functional requirements that will be defined in the first version

Dissemination and Communication Reporting B

This deliverable will report iterations of the web and social media presence of the project including curated content and collaterals These reports contains registered users and of accesses per day and their affiliated domain T44 F2 to measure i Access of other relevant EUfunded projects and increase of active users Impact 3 ii Extension of the platform to other use cases Impact 4 This deliverable will report the participants from other projects and Lighthouse initiatives in the events throughout the project Impact 5

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