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Semantically Connected Semiconductor Supply Chains

Project description

Streamlining the complex semiconductor industry

There’s nothing simple about today’s semiconductor industry. With several hundred processing steps involved in manufacturing, it is considered to be one of the most complex industries. Moreover, the supply chain is complicated by low-level linearity, short product cycles and long throughput times. The EU-funded SC3 project aims to reverse this trend by enabling a collaboration of industrial and academic stakeholders to encourage interoperability between semiconductor companies and further industrial domains. To that end, it will develop a framework to ensure an agile development, validation and refinement loop for top-level ontologies such as digital reference, which consists of a combination of different ontologies of semiconductor supply chains and supply chains containing semiconductors. To deliver the demonstrators needed as proof-of-concept, the project will follow a piloting methodology.


The semiconductor industry is characterised by complex supply chain structures. A common language and structure has to be developed and enrolled to enable smooth collaboration among different supply chain participants in this B2B (business to business) environment.
SC³ relies on enabling a collaboration of industrial as well as academic stakeholders to ensure interoperability among semiconductor companies, and further industrial domains. SC³ implements an industrial reference platform as a de-facto standard (frequently used). This framework acts as a key enabler for realising an agile development - validation - refinement loop of a top-level ontology i.e. Digital Reference (DR).
DR comprises a combination of different ontologies of semiconductor supply chains and supply chains containing semiconductors. To that end, the framework will support ontology governance e.g. development, archiving and indexing as well as the validation of high quality and interlinked ontologies and taxonomies.
SC³ will incrementally add domain knowledge to the DR; the extended version of DR covers semiconductor domain vocabulary and related sub domains. The platform allows the involvement of all stakeholder groups in a customised fashion and proposes iterative engaging approaches for each community. The DR allows modularly including, developing and extending domain knowledge to provide a connected supply network structure.
The project will follow a deliberate piloting methodology in order to deliver the demonstrators needed as proof-of-concept and for evaluation of project’s measurable objectives. SC³ activities will have a strong focus on sustainability and uptake of the project results, this includes on the one hand to keep the established community alive and on the other hand that the semiconductor data documentation, (i.e. the Generic Semiconductor Data Model) will be further developed and maintained even after the project duration.


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