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Development of Utilities Management Platform for the case of Quarantine and Lockdown


Demand patterns & requirements

The document includes Energy supply and demand patterns at neighbourhood level Water consumption patterns Waste generation streams and patterns Requirements for telecommunication networksFinal issue at M24

Dissemination & Communication Plan

This document includes dissemination and communication plans for the eUMaP projectDissemination and communication Report will be included the Report 1 MTM report Report 2 and Final report

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Resilient buildings, infrastructure and eco-design: A path towards sustainability, Zerobuild Summit, Istanbul, 23-26.03.22

Author(s): Agis M. Papadopoulos, Georgios Chantzis, Paris Fokaides
Published in: Zerobuild Summit, Istanbul, 23-26.03.22, 2022
Publisher: Conference

COVID-19 Challenges, opportunities - A valuable lesson for the future sustainable development of energy management, PRES 22 Conference, Split, Chemical Engineering Trsansactions (to be published)

Author(s): Anastasia Zafeiriou, Georgios Chantzis, Agis Papadopoulos
Published in: 2022
Publisher: Conference


Author(s): Morsink-Georgali, P.Z., Carlucci, R., Kylili, A., Giama, E., Panteli, C.1, Charalampopoulou, V., Coradini, M., Jurelionis, A., Ioannou, B., Luglio, M., Olschewski, D., Papadopoulos, A., Pupeikis, D., Sokaitis, D., Di Iorio, A., Fokaides, P.
Published in: 9th Global Conference on Global Warming (GCGW-2021) August 1-4, 2021 Virtual conference Croatia, 2021
Publisher: GCGW-2021

Architecture definition for a multi-utility management platform

Author(s): R. Carlucci, A. Di Iorio, P. Fokaides, A. Ioannou, M. Luglio, M. Quadrini, C. Roseti, F. Zampognaro
Published in: International Symposium on Networks, Computers and Communications, 2021, Page(s) 1-6
Publisher: IEEE
DOI: 10.1109/isncc52172.2021.9615697