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Sustainable production of Cellulose-based products and additives to be used in SMEs and rural areas

Project description

A network for knowledge exchange and development of cellulose-based materials

The environmentally friendly production of cellulose-based materials is a pivotal manufacturing challenge for a low-carbon future. The EU-funded CELISE project aims to forge a multinational partnership between European research and innovation institutions, industry and researcher teams in third countries for the exchange of know-how regarding cellulose-based materials. Focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, rural and vulnerable areas in Europe and Latin America that use processed biomass residues for raw materials, the project will take into consideration social, environmental and economic points of view for sustainable future production of bioenergy and construction materials.


The aim of the project is to create multinational partnership between European research and innovation institutions, industry, and researcher teams in third countries in order to exchange knowledge and experience concerning cellulose-based materials using biomass residues processing in small and medium enterprises and rural areas from Europe and Latin-America. In order to fulfil the sustainability of the complete process, the new products and processes will be chosen taking into account the social (rural and/or vulnerable areas, portable pieces of equipment and educational programmes), environmental (use of natural additives and biomass residues as raw materials, removal of chemicals reactants in the processes, bioenergy) and economic (every-day products in construction and health sectors, artisan economies, engineering and mathematical tools to optimise the business models) points of view. The project enhances the development of knowledge and scientific excellence by enabling European universities and industries to establish and maintain contacts with their partners in third countries thereby facilitating access to research environments outside Europe and promoting synergies on a global scale with corresponding directly to EU & UN priorities and within some global goals of sustainable development, especially 7, 9 and 11.



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