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Reducing the impact of environmental disasters: AI-based assistant for fronline emergency management

Description du projet

Une technologie destinée aux services d’urgence pour sauver des vies

En cas de catastrophe naturelle ou d’autre incident imprévu, les services d’urgence ont besoin de certaines informations cruciales pour prendre les meilleures décisions afin de sauver des vies et des biens. Certes, ils investissent dans des technologies susceptibles de les aider au cours de leurs missions, mais cela conduit souvent à une surcharge d’informations. Afin d’assister ceux qui sont sur le terrain, le projet IRIS, financé par l’UE, propose une solution innovante pour la prise de décision: un système de raisonnement intelligent de pointe, de type humain, conçu pour aider les premiers intervenants à recueillir des informations essentielles sur place et à prendre des décisions plus rapidement. Actuellement, cette solution est conçue et testée conjointement par une dizaine de services d’urgence européens.


Imagine a first responder answering the call to a wildfire or to a massive flooding, where there may lives and properties at stake. The information they need to fulfill the mission is crucial. Also, the number of teams and emergency services deployed in these situations is very large. Commanders in the field need to have a precise understanding of what is happening, and they have to coordinate perfectly with all the teams available

In addition, Emergency Services are heavily investing in technology to improve their operations (drones, cameras, sensors, wearables…), leading to information overload in the field.

UNBLUR believes Artificial Intelligence is one viable option that can potentially prevent massive loss of lives and properties while at the same time make emergency response easy and efficient. Our innovation IRIS is a state-of-the-art human-like reasoning system designed to assist first responders in synthesizing high-level data while at the scene of an emergency. IRIS learns, analyzes, reasons, predicts, collaborates, and provides data fusion to provide direction for first responders on the scene. It provides situational awareness during an incident, connecting first responders across different agencies with vital information right at their fingertips.

IRIS purpose is to aid responders in taking all of the pertinent data related to an incident and making quicker decisions. In turn, this not only helps first responders save lives but also keeps them better protected.

IRIS is the first IT web tool designed with and for Incident Commanders in the field. The technology is being co-designed and tested by 10 Emergency Services in Europe and is starting to generate interest among heavyweights in the industry, such as Airbus.

A quicker allocation of teams to a wildfire thanks to IRIS would reduce the number of uncontrolled wildfires by 9%. This would mean reducing the burn of an average of 107,920 hectares of forest per year and savings of € 899,3 million.

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