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A secure and reusable Artificial Intelligence platform for Edge computing in beyond 5G Networks

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Artificial intelligence at the network edge

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the key technologies shaping the future of the internet and the world. With a greater number of applications than ever before, significant progress has been made in the performance and accuracy of AI-based solutions. However, AI integration into decision-making systems and critical infrastructure still requires assuring end-to-end quality. The EU-funded AI@EDGE project will address these issues by introducing reusable, secure and trustworthy AI solutions in the network edge. The goal is to revolutionise communication networks in a variety of applications, including vehicles, industrial networks, aviation and in-flight entertainment, introducing the AI-for-networks and networks-for-AI paradigms. With this approach, AI@EDGE aims to positively impact industry innovation throughout Europe while shaping the future of AI.


Artificial Intelligence has become a major innovative force and it is one of the pillars of the fourth industrial revolution. This trend has been acknowledged also by the European Commission that has already pointed out how high-performance, intelligent, and secure networks are fundamental for the development and evolution of the multi-service Next Generation Internet (NGI). While great progress has been done during the last years with respect to the accuracy and performance of AI-enabled platforms, their integration in potentially autonomous decision-making systems or even critical infrastructures requires end-to-end quality assurance.
AI@EDGE addresses the challenges harnessing the concept of “reusable, secure, and trustworthy AI for network automation”. In AI@EDGE European industries, academics and innovative SMEs commit to achieve an EU-wide impact on industry-relevant aspects of the AI-for-networks and networks-for-AI paradigms in beyond 5G systems. Cooperative perception for vehicular networks, secure, multi-stakeholder AI for IIoT, aerial infrastructure inspections, and in-flight entertainment are the uses cases targeted by AI@EDGE to maximise the commercial, societal, and environmental impact.
To achieve the goal, AI@EDGE targets significant breakthroughs in two fields: (i) general-purpose frameworks for closed-loop network automation capable of supporting flexible and programmable pipelines for the creation, utilization, and adaptation of the secure, reusable, and trustworthy AI/ML models; and (ii) converged connect-compute platform for creating and managing resilient, elastic, and secure end-to-end slices capable of supporting a diverse range of AI-enabled network applications.

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