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A flagship for B5G/6G vision and intelligent fabric of technology enablers connecting human, physical, and digital worlds

Project description

Advanced wireless communications for a better future

At a time when Europe and the rest of the world are dealing with major obstacles, future challenges will need to be met to ensure growth and sustainability. Post-pandemic, a clear vision is needed to guarantee digital inclusion and ensure health and safety while working towards environmental goals. The EU-funded Hexa-X project seeks to contribute to shape this vision, and develop tools necessary to bring the next generation of wireless communications to Europe and beyond. It will achieve this by working on groundbreaking communication technologies, architectures and artificial intelligence-enabled networks. This will help secure growth and sustainability while creating the future of wireless communications worldwide.


2030 and beyond, Europe and the world will face opportunities and challenges of growth and sustainability of tremendous magnitude; to pro-actively tackle issues of green deal efficiency, digital inclusion and assurance of health and safety in a post pandemic world will be key. A powerful vision is needed to connect physical, digital, and human worlds, firmly anchored in future wireless technology and architectural research. The Hexa-X vision calls for an x-enabler fabric of connected intelligence, networks of networks, sustainability, global service coverage, extreme experience, and trustworthiness. Wireless technologies are of critical relevance for our society and economy today; their importance for growth will continue to steadily increase with 5G and its evolution, enabling new ecosystems and services motivated by strongly growing traffic and trillions of devices. The Hexa-X project ambition includes to develop key technology enablers in the areas of (i) fundamentally new radio access technologies at high frequencies and high-resolution localization and sensing; (ii) connected intelligence though AI-driven air interface and governance for future networks, and (iii) 6G architectural enablers for network disaggregation and dynamic dependability.
Europe has been a leader in wireless network technologies for decades. It is now critical to unleash our best brains in the joint research ambition of a “flagship” project to maintain the global industry leadership for the B5G/6G era. The Hexa-X flagship is a unique effort of vision, and an opportunity for disruptive impact in sustainable growth and technology experience in Europe and worldwide!

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