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YUFE Transforming Research and Innovation through Europe-wide Knowledge Transfer

Project description

Innovative transformation for strong research and innovation

The European Commission is paving the way for future breakthroughs in the field of research and innovation (R&I). In this context, Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) is an alliance supporting Europe’s efforts aimed at improving and harmonising the conditions for R&I. The EU-funded YUFERING project will propose innovative actions aiming to facilitate YUFE partners to create and realise a shared strong R&I vision focusing on central elements of the European Research Area aligned with the relevant SwafS calls for proposals. The actions cover community-engaged R&I, flipped knowledge transfer to the enterprise sector and society, and shared R&I agendas as well as support structures and research infrastructures and common open science strategies.


As part of the European Research Area vision, the European Commission is aiming to see the necessary transformations in R&I that will include the promotion of citizen science and societal engagement, the mainstreaming of Open Science practices, the fostering of brain and knowledge circulation, strengthening of academia-business collaboration and embodiment in a glocal Research and Innovation (R&I) ecosystem. The YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) alliance embraces in YUFERING this challenge by effectively contributing to pilot these needed transformations to improve and harmonise the conditions for R&I in Europe. Focusing on key elements of the ERA and in full alignment with the relevant SwafS call for proposals, YUFERING proposes ground-breaking transformation actions that will bring the partners one step closer to creating and realising a shared robust R&I vision. These transformations comprise community engaged R&I, flipped knowledge transfer to the enterprise sector and the society at large, shared R&I agendas, support structures and research infrastructures, as well as common open science strategies and new incentive and reward schemes for researchers based on the new open science era.
The European cooperation and transformation in R&I (next to education) that is objective of the European Universities Initiative is unavoidably dependent on multilateralism, synergy and support from the EU as well as Member States. In YUFERING, the YUFE partners will also work towards assessing the legal, regulatory and financial conditions that are relevant towards the creation of a stronger ERA and will identify recommendations towards transformation needed to make sharing of capacity and resources possible and attractive for academics and institutional/private funders. Within YUFERING, the alliance will explore synergies with other ‘European Universities’ to facilitate collaboration in relevant activities and towards addressing shared challenges and barriers.



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