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BRinging Artificial INTelligencE home for a better cAre of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and multiple SclERosis


DC&SE Strategy and Plan (M6)

Results of Task 101 strategic framework including stakeholders mapping and analysis and the operational plan for the DCSE implementation

Evaluation challenge: report on the analysis of the experimental results, proceedings, and integration with EOSC (M24)

Results of tasks 92 93 and 94 regularly updated It consists of the experimental data gathered from the evaluation challenges the analysis of the experimental results the proceedings of the evaluation challenges including a digested summary of the main finding suitable for the general public a report on the conducted evaluation challenge workshop the integration and mapping of the experimental data within the project data and sharing via EOSC

Shared data package for the evaluation challenge and integration with EOSC (M30)

This rolling deliverable will include the results of tasks 91 92 93 and 94 and it will be regularly updated consisting of the mapped and integrated project data the datasets a subset of the overall project data to be used for the evaluation challenges the anonymization and privacy preserving steps employed to satisfy personal and medical data safety requirements the sharing and integration of these data via EOSC the detailed description of which data will be publicly available in compliance with the EU regulation